Reciprocating Saw

reciprocating sawA reciprocating saw or oscillating saw is one of the most powerful and handy tools that anyone can have. This is an ideal tool for small house projects and for projects in the work site. The stability of this tool and the excellent features installed in it are among the major reasons why this has been receiving extreme popularity at present. It is also versatile enough that it works perfectly in cutting numerous types of materials including solid steel pipes, overgrown hardwood branches and any other material. The oscillating saw can also do a good job in demolition if you are doing a home remodeling project. You can expect it to take down your garage, bathroom and shed in the quickest manner possible by opening up the walls on top, cutting through the middle and ripping and bringing them all down including the screws and nails to the floorboards.

One of the most excellent features of the reciprocating saw is its ability to change the blades designed for cutting quickly. This is a huge help if you want to have an easier time choosing the right edge for your project. Note that there are a lot of blades that are available in the market and are designed for the oscillating saw. The blades are available in various lengths and sizes and you have to consider picking those that can suit perfectly for the kind of projects and tasks that you plan to complete.

The blades also come in various types and your choices include the fine tooth which you can use in making smooth cuts for plastic, hard board and wood, the knife blade which you can use in a wide array of materials such as rubber, cloth, linoleum and leather, the coarse tooth which is perfect for cutting green wood and the hack saw which you can use in cutting metal. A demolition blade is also available in the market and this is perfect for projects that require tough cutting on nails and hardwoods.

The reciprocating saw is also said to perform similarly to a jigsaw. Many property owners, contractors and remodelers decide to own this tool because of its many uses such as efficiently slicing through a plumbing, ply board, timber flooring and sheet rock. When it comes to cutting, expect this tool to have enough strength which enables it to easily cut through materials that are embedded with nails. Note, however, that this tool is not so popular for creating precise cuts so you have to avoid using it in specific areas where the cuts are noticeable upon the completion of the project.

Based on how they are designed, the reciprocating saw models can either be wireless or connected to a power cord. If you decide to purchase the power corded saw, then you can expect it to work through electrical outlets. Wireless models, on the other hand, operate with the help of a rechargeable power supply. The power corded saw is more effective than the wireless type because it slices through the toughest elements even if these are already exposed to higher amount of stress for a long period.

Most of the reciprocating or oscillating saw models are also created with designs that are meant to be operated using two hands. Most of the models of this tool also come with a back handle which is designed to give you an easier time using them on upright surfaces. If you plan to get this type of reciprocating saw, then make sure that you check out its cutting speed. This speed is determined by checking out the specific number of strokes the blades of the saw can make every minute. You can expect a saw with higher strokes per minute to quickly finish whatever cutting task that you have in mind.

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